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Bullying is a common occurance in most schools. In order to better understand the frequencies and types of aggression that occur, members of the VIDi group have been working with members of the Sociology department at U. C. Davis along with CNN to visually represent and understand the social networks of students within schools.

Here we show some of the results that came from analysis of a survey performed by CNN. In this survey, students were asked to anonymously list friends, bullys, and victims, as well as indentify themselves according to various properties such as race, grade, gender, and many more. Of these properties, we found the strongest patterns correlated to grade and gender.

Animation of Aggression Network

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Prof. Bob Faris

Sociology, UC Davis

Prof. Diane Felmlee

Sociology, Penn State

Tarik Crnovrsanin

Computer Science, UC Davis

Chris W. Meulder

Computer Science, UC Davis

Prof. Kwan-liu Ma

Computer Science, UC Davis