The Center for Visualization was established in 2012 under the UC Davis Office of Research’s Research Investments in Science and Engineering (RISE) Program with the mission to:

  • Serve as a central point of access to advanced visualization technology
  • Assemble large-scale cross/interdisciplinary research teams, possibly involving researchers at other institutions, to pursue the most challenging and pioneering research and bring institute/center-scale grants to UC Davis
  • Teach graduate students advanced data visualization and analysis techniques
  • Develop custom visualization solutions for selected campus research units and convert promising prototype systems and toolkits into products targeting niche market
  • Seek industry partnerships and technology transfer opportunities

Presently, the Center is sponsored by grants from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as gifts from Alibaba, Bosch, Intel, and NVIDIA.

Contact Information:

Kwan-Liu Ma

Phone: 415-307-2425
Fax: 530-752-4767
E-Mail: ma@cs.ucdavis.edu

Laboratories: 1105 and 2136 Kemper Hall

Mailing Address:
2063 Kemper Hall
University of California-Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8562