Engineering Dean's Visit

Dean Curtis came to the Center of Visualization to see our visualization work. Professor Ma explained one of the projects.

Visual Storytelling Contest Winner

VIDI student Oh-Hyun Kwon won the Visual Storytelling Contest at the 10th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis 2017). The story told is about school bullying.

CZI Visitors

Scientists from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative visited Center for Visualization.

Immersive Visualization

NSF highlights our immersive visualization work.

Check out Scholar Tree: a personal visualization design portraying one's career with the pubs found in DBLP

Interactive Demo & Lunch on October 5, 2016

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Strong CHI 2015 Presence

VIDI students, Yuzuru Tanahashi and Yang Wang, presented their papers at CHI 2015. Yuzuru's paper won the Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award.

2015 Picnic Day

A huge crowd came to the Center for Visualization on the UC Davis Picnic Day to see the latest and greatest visualization and interface designs and demonstrations. Undergrad Gregory Guterman was showing his work.

Young Visitors

On April 15, 2015, ninety fourth graders visited the Center for Visualization to see advanced computer science research results. VIDI students prepared diverse visualization and interface demonstrations for these kids.

Personal Visualization

VIDI researchers, Shimin Wang, Yuzuru Tanahashi, and Nick Leaf introduce a personal visualization design based on a flower metaphor for one to review his/her Facebook activities. The paper on this work will appear in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Annual VIS Conference

The VIS 2014 Conference was held in Paris over November 9-14. VIDI students made a strong presence in the technical program.

Exploratorium and UC Davis Partnership Ceremony

UC Davis and the Exploratorium in San Francisco have formally partnered to incorporate the latest scientific innovations into the museum’s exhibits and programs. Jennifer Frazier (left) of the Exploratorium and professor Kwan-Liu Ma (right) tell Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi (center) how the partnership worked to build the plankton table during the launch of the partnership on Friday May 2, 2014.